Launch of children’s-APP at The Eye Hospital in Thailand

Rotterdam, June 15, 2012 – On Wednesday June 6, the English version of Rotterdam Eye Hospital’s special app for children was launched in Bangkok (Thailand). The launch of the ‘To the Eye Hospital’-app took place during the annual meeting of the World Association of Eye Hospitals, a global association of 21 eye hospitals, established in 2005. Mr. Van der Kwast, Deputy Head of Mission/Head Political and Economic Department of the Dutch Embassy in Thailand put the app into use by following the game from beginning to end under the guidance of Mr. Hiddema, Chairman of the Board of The Rotterdam Eye Hospital.

More than 20.000 children come to The Rotterdam Eye Hospital each year. If a child is scared and starts to cry the eye specialist cannot examine him. So, the app ‘To the Eye Hospital’ was developed to help children between the ages of 3 and 11 prepare themselves for a hospital appointment. With the aid of games and tasks the children can familiarize themselves at home with the examinations that will be carried out by the orthoptist and eye specialist. Result: the children experience less fear during their first visit to the hospital. The English version of the app will now be implemented in the international network of The Eye Hospital whereby more than 300.000 children worldwide can prepare themselves better for their visit to the eye hospital.

Together with game characters, Tommy and Tammy, by playing the app a child is prepared in a playful manner for the treatments and examinations at a (eye) hospital.

The cheerful and light illustration style is combined with elements that actually take place in reality. At various moments the child’s help is required. It is asked to help Tommy to look for all the things in the house that he has to take with him to the hospital or to focus on an image by using the correct lens.

Because of the various game elements and the clear story line, the future visit to the hospital becomes familiar and therefore less frightening.

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