Our customers

More than 200 universities from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Aruba and Suriname use our management simulation games in their courses. Together, these universities are responsible for approximately 19.000 students on a yearly bases.

Over 400 companies and governmental organizations use our simulations and e-learnings for MD courses, marketing, traineeships and recruitment tools.

Leeds Business School

The Leeds University Business School uses ProSim Advanced with undergraduate students.

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The worlds largest bank and insurance company uses our games to educate their employees in focussing on customers.

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Liverpool John Mores University

Master students Strategic Management use our customized strategic management simulation to practice their strategic skills.

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Pearson Education

Together with publisher Pearson Education we created and marketed several simulation games for numerous universities.

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Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young uses our simulations for:
- recruitment
- assessment
- inhouse days
- Due Dilligence training

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ABN-amro, Liverpool John Mores University, KPMG, Ernst & Young, The Hague University, Samsung, KLM, University of Leeds Business School, Logica

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Some of our customers:
Ernst & Young - University of Leeds - ABN-AMRO - KPMG - Deloitte - Pearson Education - Liverpool John Mores University - Sellafield (Windscale) - Amsterdam Business School - Astra Zeneca - GoodYear - AEGON - The Hague University - ING - Texaco