Master introduction programme

On the 31th of August 2010, over 200 students divided in different teams have played the management game ProSim Advanced.

Who is the best management team of the Faculty Civil Engineering Geosciences?

In this simulation the teams act as the management of a trading company specialized in technical supplies. The fictive companies are competitors in the same market, they’ll be fighting for the same customers. And that is quite a challenge! The game is all about strategies, daily decisions and analyzing results. Within this context, teams will be faced with different issues varying from fixing the prize of the products and the salary of the sales staff, to determining the amount of products they want to purchase and the amount of money they need to borrow.

The game is played during several rounds and each round represents one year. Just like the normal world, not everything can be predicted. What happens with the performances of the company when the world economy will collapse or if the employees have plans to strike? Find out at the 31th of August 2011!