Business games

Our business games (or management simulations) are perfect for educational and training purposes. These business games help students or employees link theory with practice. Together with partner companies and educational institutions we develop custom scenarios in our simulations – which makes all of our business games and simulations relevant to any course of study.

Below you will find a brief selection of our most popular business games:

ProSim Advanced

In ProSim Advanced, players act as the managers of small trading companies. All teams are competitors in the same market and ‘fight’ over the same potential customers.

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ProSim Production

In ProSim Production, players act as managers of a chocolate factory. This game is focused on the financial control of a company.

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International Business Game

In the International Business Game players act as the managers of international bicycle companies. All teams are competitors and share the same goal: to become world leaders in bicycle production and sales.

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In TourOperator, players act as managers of companies which organise and operate tours.
Created in cooperation with Thomas Cook.

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Supply Chain Game

Players assume the role of either producer, logistic service provider or retailer and negotiate contracts to become the leader in the chain.

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Leeds University Business School

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Most common business game subjects:
- Entrepreneurship
- International management
- Marketing
- Strategic management
- R&D
- Production
- Finance
- Accountancy
- Supply chain management
- Tourism & leisure
- Agricultural