Tour Operator

In Tour Operator, players act as managers of companies which organise and operate tours. All teams are competitors in the same market and thus compete over the same demand for vacations and availability of hotel beds. Players should make contracts with different hotels around the world (e.g.: Thailand, Switzerland and Brazil).

How does it work?

The game is played in rounds, with each round representing one year of operation. There is no time period which must pass before the next round can be played, so different rounds can be played on the same day should the players wish. When used as part of a university course, most universities play one round each week.

Tour Operator is a modular game, which means that it can easily be customised to reflect the themes and concepts you wish to highlight. We can show or hide some of the different decisions, strategies and results so that the focus remains related to the content of a student’s course.


The game’s decisions consist of the following subjects:

  • Purchasing (beds)
  • Distribution (franchise shops / reservations)
  • Presentations (movies can be uploaded by players!)
  • Market research
  • HRM (hostesses and working circumstances)
  • Promotion (TV / radio / direct mail / etc.)
  • Financial
  • Press releases


Strategies implemented in this game are:

  • Competitive Advantage of Porter
  • Growth strategy of Anshoff
  • SWOT
  • Mission / vision
  • Targets
  • Balanced Score Card of Kaplan & Norton
  • Market definitions


Given information in this game which should be possessed by players to determine their new decisions:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Cash balance
  • Occupation Degree
  • Hotel results
  • Market research
  • Market share
  • Balanced Score Card

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Fast facts
- Online game
- Played in teams
- Competitive setting
- Easy to adjust with extra assignments and cases
- Amount of rounds: 4 to 12 (optimal around 7)
- Student time indication: avg. 1,5 hour per round
- "On site" or distance learning possible