Recruitment tools, 'In-house day's' and 'Open day's'

Custom made recruitment tools are used to introduce your university or company to potential students or employees. 'In-house day's' or 'Open day's' are often filled with long and unexciting presentations.
What the new generation wants is something much more interactive: "Let's play an employee of your company for one day!". We create an environment in which the potential employee or student sees the most exciting, interesting and fun sides of working at your company.


KPMGOOO! KPMG's uses its slogan as theme for their in-house day's. Students are confronted with several cases, all in the look and feel of a day on the racing track.

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INHolland University

Over 1,000 secondary school students visit the INHolland University each year to choose their future university. INHolland University uses our custom-made business game to show the students what kind of career they can offer them with their courses.

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Ernst and Young

An online 'Viral Game' was created to create interest from the target group. After that a recruitment event was organized to find out what capabilities the students had and to show the students what E&Y had to offer the them.

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