Our Team

Our team consists of young and creative people who are in close contact with the new generation of employees and students. The team exist of programmers, scriptwriters, designers, former teachers, presenters, game leaders, and more.

The passion for innovative training and education methods connects us all!

Meet the team


Projects and operation

  • Conor McDonald
  • Willy van der Es
  • Gijs van Duijn
  • Tim van Loon
  • Rob de Jeu
  • Arvid Niemeijer
  • Marije de Goeij
  • Mike Mollenvanger
  • Birk Jonker
  • Nicky Velner
  • Max van Houdt

Technical department

  • Patrick Bouwens (CTO)
  • Marnix Keer (Development)
  • Conny de Best (Development)
  • Earl Cornet (Development)
  • Stuart Ferber (HTML/CSS & GFX)
  • Cristel Wolf (DTP & Design)
  • Ties Kuipers (Testing)
  • Wilco Rullens (Scriptwriter)